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1 hour-5 mins-1 hour

Video projection
60' 54'' play in loop

1 hour-5 mins-1 hour  explores the essential properties of video (time and frame) and different ways to display a same work. The time in reality cannot be controlled, but the time in video can be manipulated: either speeded up or slowed down. When watching most of videos, the frames cannot even be noticed. In this work, the initial 1 hour video about scrunching up a piece of paper is speeded up to 5 mins, and then after being re-shot it is slowed down back to 1 hour again, the frames emerge. The hands movements in the top and the bottom videos seem they are synchronized, but the tiny differences would accumulate with time passing. There is not a still image keeping present in the whole video; there is only the distorted time played in the current time.

'The initial 1 hour video about scrunching up the paper is not a performance recording for me; it’s more like experiment materials, no matter the digital video itself or the paper. What I wanted to know was if that piece of normal A4 printing paper would break into pieces after an hour repeated crumpling and straightening gestures. At last, it turned out that paper kept its rectangular shape and became more soft and flexible though it shrunk.'

1 hour-5 mins-1 hour , Lexy Liangzi Xiao, 2020, Southwark Park Galleries// Dilston Gallery
Video installation
Bronze sculptures, steel board, digital video

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