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Anonymous (white)

Details, wool, digitally woven

Anonymous (white) is a combination of the analogue photographic images and digital weaving.  In Instead of making the woven images visible by colours, I prefer to make them visible by binding combinations in only one colour of white in a more abstract and uneven way. I intend to ask viewers to search for the images, rather than present a fixed image to them. When viewers are searching for the woven image, it could start to gradually become visible, resembling the development process in analogue photography- the latent image starts to emerge in the developer. It also could be the opposite way: when viewers have found the image, it could melt into the whiteness again. 

Weaving the images on fabric, as if I give the sealed moments of the intangible images bodies again, resembling the physical body of the print I enlarged from the film negative. The effects on the prints and the fabric show how different the information variably grows from the same start, and the same start here is the image on the film negative. The processes I did, no matter for the photographic or the weaving, connote me adding layers on the original image. This action covers or even removes some of the information from the original, which could be understood as degradation. However, oppositely, it could also be superimposition, which means much of the abstraction becomes the constituent without losing all the traces of the original. When I review the works, I raise questions: how can we see through the layers to reach the start? Is it necessary to reach it, or to what extent can we live with the layers?

To arrange Anonymous in exhibitions, I intentionally separate the woven images and the prints, letting the viewers realize they can be related or decide they are different works.


Anonymous 17 (white), 2022, Lexy Liangzi Xiao
KMD: TEXTILES, Galleri Salhus Tekstilindustrimuseet
68 x 143 cm

From top to bottom, Anonymous 18 (white),  Anonymous 17 (white), 2022
Lexy Liangzi Xiao, Bergen Kjøtt
68 x 143 cm, 68 x 126 cm

Anonymous 18 (white),  Anonymous 17 (white), 2022, Lexy Liangzi Xiao
Durational Images, Gallery Taxi Summer Residency
Fabric 68 x 143 cm, 68 x 126 cm

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