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Making Something from Nothing/ Making Nothing from Something

Digital Video 
1 min play in loop

Online Performance on 5th Aug 2020

Performance Recording (15:00pm)
Playback Speed x2, 10 mins

Making Something from Nothing/ Making Nothing from Something continues investigating the ways to interpret the degradation, superposition, interruption, and impermanence related to repetition. There were 5 performances starting at JST 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00 and 17:00 during the day, shown by 2 live cameras, approx 20 mins each. Viewers could walk in and out the virtual showroom and send comments without any permission, just as they do in the physical exhibition halls. The artist meditated with holding a video playing device in hands during a stick incense burnt out. The video played in loop from the beginning of the first performance till the end of the last performance, including the breaks. The loop of the video is mesmerizing, disturbing the viewer’s subjective judgment of the sequence, waiting for the exact moment that each viewer encounters the artwork. The video is made from ‘nothing’, but this ‘nothing’ becomes something through the repeated videoing and playing process.

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