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The texts in Handwriting (blue)

The sky and the sea are blue,
because the light of blue gets lost.
It does not travel the whole distance from the sun to us.
It disperses in the air.
The purer and the deeper the bluer.
Sometimes when you are viewing the mountains really far away,
they also seem blue,
but when you get there,
the colour os blue does not exist there any more.
So blune is a colour that remains lost,
a colour you can never get.

Sometines the fire is also blue.
It is because the blue part is where the fire burns with more fresh air.
On the contrary,
the yellow glow is where the fire is dying.
the blue fire burns at a low heat,
while the yellow comparatively high.
So, maybe you could touch the blue fire without burning yourself,
but I never dare to try.

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