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Untitled (washing)

Cyanotype print, digital video
1'43'' play in loop

Untitled (washing) explores the combination of analogue darkroom printing and digital videos. In the loop video, the blue print of mussel shells keeps appearing and disappearing with the waves moving up and down. The lapping waves seem like they are washing the print to make it emerge, just as the washing step in cyanotype process. These mussel shells were picked up from the shown coast. Some parts on their surfaces are dark blue, just like the colour of blue prints, but this dark blue is not the normal colour of the mussel shells. Probably the continuous erosion by the sea waves, sunlight, and wind, as well as the friction with the sands create the unique colour. This dark blue is somewhat not the natural colour itself, but a colour created by the nature embrace. To some extent, the cyanotype blue is also in the same way, a colour between the natural and the made.

Untitled (washing)  with description in the online event Photosensitivity and the Natural World, 4th Sep 2020, click to view

Untitled (washing) , 2019, Lexy Liangzi Xiao
Camberwell College of Arts

Untitled (washing) , 2019, Lexy Liangzi Xiao
​New Camberwell Art, Camberwell College of Arts

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