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Impermanent Shadows

Selected Lumen Prints and Cyanolumen Prints
Gelatin silver photographic paper, colour photographic paper, and cyanotype
Oct 2019 ongoing project 

These lumen prints are made out of flowering plants and photographic paper with light reinvention. The traces on the photo paper are fading with time passing, since the paper has never been fixed by the chemistry; they are still sensitive to light. The process of creating the traces carves being of the plants into another substance, the photo paper or the wall of the lumen mural, as if the substance is carrying the life of the flora to extend their lifespan, while the substance itself is becoming alive. The traces become the durational images, they change, grow, or even fade away; the fictional flora grows and withers, having their own journeys in the world. It is a durational performance of the image, the plants and the fictional flora.
I tried to fix a lumen once, then a feeling hit me strongly- if you want something to be immortal it would never be the same. 

Impermanent Shadows (Lumen mural)
To view click here.

Impermanent Shadows single edition book series 
Lumen, to view click here.
Cyanolumen, to view click here.

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