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Impermanent Shadows (Lumen mural) 

Impermanent Shadows (Lumen Mural)- viewe

Screen shots of the livestream
16 : 9
From 14:00 25th Feb to 14:00 26th Feb, 2021

The lumen mural is an idea developed from the original lumen prints. It intended to invite light reinvention to present the whole fading process of the traces to viewers, in real time and face to face. However, to continue the work during the lockdown in London, it was presented by a 24 hours livestream on YouTube through a phone as a webcam in the virtual show context, intending to show the slowness of change, the accumulation of nuances, and the inevitability of decaying. To some extent, light is both the creator and destroyer of the traces. Due to the traces were gradually fading, the encounter between viewers and the lumen mural would be unique every time.

The livestream recording is not available; it just ‘faded’as the traces of the lumen mural did. The picture is the collection of the screen shots received from the people who watched the live. The screen shots can represent the encounters between the viewers and the lumen mural, and can also be the memento of the traces and the live event, as well as a new life born from the lumen mural.

​The unveiling performance for the lumen mural

Performance recording, 12' 24''
16 : 9
Performed at 16:00 17th Jun 2021
Open Studios, Camberwell College of Arts

The performance was about removing the plants layer from the wall, placing the plants to the vase,  letting them and their traces fade together.


lumen mural open studio (2).jpg
lumen mural open studio (1).jpg

Impermanent Shadows (Lumen mural-London) , 2021, Lexy Liangzi Xiao, Open Studios, Camberwell College of Arts
Durational image installation
80 x 140 cm on the wall 
Light sensitive emulsion, matthiola incana,  alstroemeria, ceramic vase

Impermanent Shadows (Lumen mural-Bergen) , 2022, Lexy Liangzi Xiao, Durational Images, Gallery Taxi Summer Residency 
Durational image installation
110x 110x 100 cm
Light sensitive emulsion, lysimachia vulgaris, solanum septemlobum, campanula latifolia, hydrangea macrophylla, hydrangea petiolaris, glass

Impermanent Shadows (Lumen mural-Oslo) , 2023, Lexy Liangzi Xiao
Exhibited with CYAN studio gallery in Essential Experiments, Oslo Negativ 2023
Durational image installation
100x 60 cm on the wall
Light sensitive emulsion, solanum septemlobum, nepeta faassenii, helianthus tuberosus, actaea racemosa, dahlia dahlegria, glass

Impermanent Shadows single edition book series
Lumen, to view click here. 
Cyanolumen, to view click here.

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